Monday, 7 April 2014

10 reasons to consult a Dental Clinic for your Oral/ Dental Problems.

Individuals for many years don’t visit the dentist. Visiting the dentist twice a year will do you and your smile a world of good. Here are 10 reasons to see a dentist:

1. Improve your confidence
2. Prevent tooth loss
3. Prevent gum disease/ bleeding
4. Prevent more serious disease
5. Been long time since you’ve seen a dentist
6. Have a whiter smile
7. Prevent bad breath
8. Identify oral cancer
9. Detect other dental problems
10. Dental health affects your overall health

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Ask your dentist if tooth extraction required or not?

Tooth extraction may be needed in the following cases:
• Decay or infection in the root of the tooth.
• If a tooth has partially come out of its socket
• Wisdom teeth often need to be extracted.

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